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1989 - can't beat the feeling 1991 - coca cola is it 1993 - always coca-cola 2000 - enjoy coca cola 2004 - coke ko to 2005 - kasama ka coke 2007 - buhay coke . Dating and identifying early coca-cola bottles: focusing (mainly) on georgia and florida bottles by bill porter with contributions from bill lockhart. Most soda manufacturers print the expiration date in readable format, including the month, day and year, on the bottom of each can some soda manufacturers use a manufacturing date code artificially-sweetened soda should typically be consumed within 3 months of manufacture sugar-sweetened drinks . People who do coke at their mother's party, do coke more than 2-3 times a month he cannot do this great guy act without it, don't you see the good times will start to pall when you realise he's only good company when he's coked, and when he can't get any you will bear the brunt of it.

How old is my beer can: some hints on dating old beer cans for the collector or for anyone who finds a can rustycanscom anybody can brew beer, but only god can make rust. United states beer cans, vol i: by the brewery collectibles club of america, discusses methods of dating flat top and cone top beer cans united states beer cans, vol ii : by the brewery collectibles club of america, discusses methods of dating self-opening beer cans. Coca-cola cans: sell-by date coca-cola brand cans are stamped (typically on the bottom of the can) with a sell-by date in mmmddyy format there are additional codes included with the stamp that have nothing to do with dating.

The vendo 23 coca cola machine can only vend the new 8 oz coke bottle, diet coke bottle, sprite bottle, coke zero bottle, the new coke life bottle, or the small 7 oz beer bottles, if you wish the vendo 23 coca cola machine was manufactured for 10 years (quite a long time for a soda machine model). Additional points that may help in how to date coke bottles people assume that the city label on glass bottles specify the place where they are manufactured, but it is a misconception the city name has nothing to do with it. I absolutely love coca colaespecially the coke with lime flavourhowever this flavour recently went off the market, so i bought 100 cases (2400 cans) of it to keep me going a while. Coke bottles, when in good condition, can fetch quite a bit of money on the antique and collectors markets however, as with all things collectible the older the bottle is the more money you are likely to receive. How do you read soda cans' expiration dates a: dr pepper snapple group cans typically have the manufacture code printed on the bottom of their cans there are .

Some coca-cola bottlers carried a line of seltzer, adding carbon dioxide to water to make it effervescent seltzer bottles are another popular collectible and can be worth hundreds of dollars or more, depending on their condition. Need help identifying/dating these coke bottles if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above you may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Diet coke lasts for six to nine months past its printed date in the pantry if unopened the soft drink lasts for the same amount of time if refrigerated and unopened if a bottle of diet coke is left open, it lasts in the refrigerator or the pantry for one day before its carbon dioxide is completely . Message that circulates via email and social media claims that a woman died after catching leptospirosis from dried rat urine on the lid of a soda can. Msu campus archaeology program dating to between 1900 and 1920, the dates of these straight-sided bottles can be narrowed even further based on the shape of the .

Glass manufacturers’ marks on coke bottles for a little more info on some of these companies that are known to have made coca-cola bottles (including date ranges), please check the main “glass bottle marks” webpages. Dating beer cans here's how to determine how old your beer can is these few basic facts will reveal if your beer can is from 1935 or 1985 how to date beer cans. Dating by types of cans for an explanation of the types of beer cans below, see types of beer cans cone top, low profile w/ inverted ribs and flat bottoms - late 1935 through early 1936. Dating mountain dew soda bottles dating mountain dew cansall below tender breast lump in men may not give you an exact year but it should get you down dating mountain dew soda bottles rare mountain dew bottles to a very small range.

Coca-cola umbrella girls festoon dating to 1918 - photo courtesy of morphy auctions prices for the oldest coca-cola memorabilia can be very steep, and even . Scientists discovered a coca-cola bottle cap that was carbon dated and is said to be over 10 million years old. Dating your tins with chronology of tin / can development by mike reilly (completely revised january, 1999) updated 10/14/2012 at some time, tin collectors want to know something about the history behind their tins or more often, how old they are.

Date your glass soft drink & beer bottles this dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes enter each of the following attributes of your bottle. In 1964, zip codes were added to most soda cans giving soda can collectors an edge in dating their cans, though this is not fail safe and in 1973, upc barcodes . Shop for-and learn about-vintage coke bottles as impossible as it may seem today, coca-cola did not originally intend to sell its products in bottles in. Antique coke bottles examples of all 3 hutches can be found on the antique coca-cola bottle hall of fame page dating: links .

12-ounce aluminum coca-cola cans are introduced in the us early can graphics include an image of the coca-cola bottle so customers wil recognize it as the same beverage they enjoy from a bottle. People who love coca cola might drink 2 cans a day which is very bad for health, but normal people might drink less than half a can a day or 1 can a week share to: answered.

Dating coke cans
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